Age of Death follows right on the heels of the major cliffhanger of Age of Legend, where (almost) everyone you ever cared for in this story DIES!

I liked Age of Death. It wasn’t a very long book storywise, and it follows the adventure of “our heroes” through the underworld after having gone through with the collective suicide at the end of Age of Legend.

I very much enjoyed how Sullivan built his afterlife, by dividing it up into 3 different realms, depending on the life you’ve lived. If you’re thinking, “yeah, just like heaven and hell”, you are mistaken, because even though they look like that from the outside, he manages to make each one of them be just the afterlife that the person that goes there requires. Sure it may look like hell to people in the other realms, but every single one has its purpose. I love the depth that was created here and how much it adds to the lore of Elan.

The story itself feels rather short, but it’s forgiveable for the lore you get in return. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and am looking forward to the conclusion of this series.

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