Farilane is the newest installment in the Rise and Fall series by Michael J. Sullivan. It follows the exploits of the royal princess Farilane, daughter of the protagonists in the previous book, Nolyn and Sephryn.

She’s the unwanted part of the imperial twins that is not in line for the throne, so she fills her days with other pursuits.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book, much more than even Nolyn. I instantly took a liking to her and her view on the world. The whole book takes a very different tone than Nolyn, much more lighthearted, while still dealing with a serious story. Speaking of the story, it takes many twists and turns and is very enjoyable.

The ending is going to leave a lot of people dissapointed and maybe even outraged, but even though it hit me right in the feels, I think ultimately, the story is all the stronger for it. It immediately made me want to pick up the Legends of the First Empire series again, which I started when it first came out, but since the second book wasn’t available yet, I kind of forgot about. The way Michael J. Sullivan manages to write such wholesome books while still maintaining every storyline connected is nothing short of masterful. All the little references sprinkled around make it a joy to read.

5 gorgeous stars for being such a fun journey with such a dramatic emotional impact.

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