Age of War, for me, is where the series truly picks up steam. The war that has been hinted at since the very start of Age of Myth has finally come to Elan, and the stakes are high.

After being holed up in Alon Rhist for the winter, spring has finally come, and with it, the army of the Fane. Most of the book deals with the first days of the war, the weeks/months of preparation and the release of the first clash.

Everything felt high stakes and the legends don’t dissapoint. The battle of Grandford goes a little different than in the stories, but it is still every bit as impactful.

I must admin that I'm a little dissapointed with the author killing of Raithe at the end there, but when I think about it, this is the best ending that he could have hoped for, given Persephone's role in the years to come.

Age of War is a book of love, war and sacrifice, and might just be my favorite of the series.

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