This is a weird one for me and I feel a bit conflicted.

Although this book deals mostly with the journey our “unlikely group of heroes” set out on, which is epic and emotional and everything you would want it to be, it all stems from one weird, stupid, and immersive-breaking decision. I rolled my eyes at the “event”, really hard, because it’s something that both Persephone and Suri could have foreseen. They both act like they have no idea that the Fane is an unreasonable ass who doesn’t give 2 cents about the lives of Rhunes. They seem to let their wishful thinking that he’s an honorable man get in the way of any form of common sense.

I can rant on and on about it, it feels forced and seems to be there only to advance the plot in a specific direction. I think this could have been done better, by, for example, capturing her when she's unaware or knocked out. We'll see, it might be that the voluntary acceptance of the collar comes to mean something further down the line.

The ending hit me hard though, it was a well written, emotional chapter, showing all sides of the argument of wether or not we all commit suicide to get to the afterlife, on the vague promise of some guy we met years ago, that we all might come back..

Apart from that, it also felt like a very short book, with not much happening, well, plenty happens, but it feels like it’s not enough to fill a whole book.

It was both a good book, and a low point in the series, solely because of the ‘thing’. So 3.5 as a final rating.

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