Wow, that went by in a breeze, granted, it’s a very short book, but still, it rushed by.

Legion is your classic Sanderson book condensed into a 100 pages.

The book contains a strong, inventive plot and one of the most interesting protagonists you’ll ever meet.

In these 100 pages Sanderson manages to describe a set of characters so unique in their own way, so vivid that you actually wish you knew them.

There’s the eccentric Steven Leeds, overly-manly J.C, the virtuous shrink Ivy, walking wikipedia Tobias, … All people I know I’ll remember.

The writing is solid, fast-paced and very enjoyable. The dialogue is one of the most fluent I’ve read from him up till this point. Also, on a sidenote, the humor in this book is just amazing, different characters are constantly defined by short dry outbursts that really make you chuckle a lot of times.

The whole time I was reading I kept thinking: this could be turned into an awesome tv series, or a superb RPG.. I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!!!

All in all, this was such a blast that I’ll gladly count it as one of my favorite books.

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