I loved this. It’s set in the world of Elantris (according to the cover) but other than 1 or 2 vague references to some countries from Elantris there is nothing to tie the two together.

Not to dispair though. As per usual Sanderson describes a story with a unique premise. About 95% of the story takes place inside a storage room (aka dungeon) with a cracked window and some rough furniture.

Since we only get a small room to work with it seems natural that we only get a small selection of characters to go along with it. This provides some interesting and compelling conversations. Despite the small setup the story is very enjoyable and stays interesting the whole way around.

Note: The plot is nothing near the epicness of some of his other novels, but the story more than makes up for this in its sheer brilliance.

And again, HOW do you come up with a “magic” system like this??

A beautiful read.

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