Words of Radiance was everything I hoped it would be, and more. I was hoping for a long, elaborate sequel to The Way of Kings that continued on the masterfully crafted world-building with the same characters that I came to love in the first place.

Words of Radiance provides in that regard. The book is long, very long, and there are 8 more volumes like this to come, and I don’t mind that one bit. As someone who fell in love with The Wheel of Time series at an early age, despite it’s many flaws, I really enjoy the whole Saga thing. The second instalment of the Stormlight Archive Archive is long, but it’s never boring.

There’s a whole host of storylines to enjoy, following some of my favourite characters of all time. I really like the fact that Shallan has matured, and that Kaladin’s character evolves so much during the story.

Naturally, a lot of questions from The Way of Kings get answered, but mostly, those answers just generate more questions. But nevertheless, this feels good, and it gave me a deeper appreciation of the world that Sanderson has created.

It’s hard to sum up all my thoughts on this, so I’ll just conclude with saying that it’s a very worthy sequel and that I enjoyed it very much. 5 stars, easy.

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