Follow the disaster magnets of St Mary’s as they hurtle around history! The ninth book in The Chronicles of St Mary’s Series collects the bestselling short stories in print for the first time.

  • When a Child is Born - 2.5 - A jump back to 1066 to witness the coronation of William the Conqueror goes slightly astray.
  • Roman Holiday - 3.5 - Max and her team become spectacularly involved with Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and a basket of confused asps.
  • Christmas Present - 4.5 - An attempt to rescue lost historians involving an enraged pig and Boudicca herself.
  • The Very First Damned Thing - 0.5 - Discover the truth about the very beginning of St Mary’s.
  • Ships and Stings and Wedding Rings - 6.5 - A gun left behind in Ancient Egypt and a race against time to prevent a catastrophe.
  • The Great St Mary’s Day Out - 7.5 - Hooray! It’s a happy holiday. For everyone except Max - the only one with her mind on the job.
  • My Name is Markham - 7.6 - Alfred, the cakes and Mr Markham. The Great British Bake Off it’s not!
  • And as a bonus - a new and previously unpublished short story.

All of these shorts are incredibly entertaining. Providing nice interludes for the St. Mary’s crew that tie in nicely with the series. This series is one of my all time favs, so this book deserves nothing less than 5 stars.

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