I think this book nearly killed me. Reading it felt like one of those massive rollercoaster rides, where you’re slowly dragged to the top, enjoying the view and the butterflies in your belly, before you’re plunged headlong into a freefall that leaves you empty and drained.

Jodi Taylor (again) does not dissapoint. All our favorite dysfunctional characters are back in force, as batshit crazy as ever. Drinking tea, eating cookies and verbally abusing anyone in sight. The writing is funny as ever and had me laugh whenever I wasn’t busy crying from all the emotions the story dragged me through.

The actual time-traveling, history-recording-and-documenting stuff was deeply interesting thoroughly worked out. I think I might have learnt more about history from these books than I ever did in 6 years of high school. Jodi Taylor makes history interesting by dumping you right smack down into the middle of it.

This book broke my heart. Multiple times, and I loved every minute of it. It might be the best book in the series so far. Now I’m left here empty-handed. Waiting, wanting more (as usual).

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