Part 5 in the potty-mouth rollercoaster that is Caverns and Creatures, where our ragtag gang continues trying to get back to the real world.

Story wise this is one of the lesser installments. There is, at the same time, a lot going on, with characters going from one adventure to the next, and nothing going on, in terms of the overal story progressing. I kind of got the feeling halfway that this book was going exactly nowhere, and that is exactly where it ended up.

I did enjoy getting to know the side characters more, and reading less of Tim’s constant whining, Randy and Denise especially are hillarious again. But I got into this book with the expectation that it would be the conclusion to the story, only to find out there is one more book after this and that this story ends on a massive cliffhanger. This makes the dissapointment I felt when I finished even more noticeable.

2.5 stars, for an ok book.

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