Decades have passed since the defeat of the Free Navy and the solar system is finally settling into a working rhythm. Earth and Mars are still rebuilding, but no longer in dire need. The ‘Belter’ group has grown into its role as Transport Union with gusto, and the colonizable worlds are filling up nicely. It would be a shame if something happened to this precious balance ?

Nice balance you have there it would be a shame if someone came to upset it

Of course that’s exactly what happened. Remember that Duarte fellow that took 1/3rd of Mars’s Navy and took off through the Laconia gate ? Well he’s back, and he’s got a plan that going to save humanity! “What could possibly go wrong with a self-righteous, military God-Emperor with access to the proto-molecule and 30 years of undisturbed research ?”, you ask ? Well, that’s exactly what Persepolis Rising is all about.

Our merry crew (Holden, Naomi, Alex, Amos, Bobbie and Clarissa) is stuck on Medina right about the time the Laconians arrive and decide that their in charge now. What follows is the tale of David vs Goliath on a galaxy wide scale. We perceive the action through the eyes of the crew members and through the eyes of president Drummer, who leads the Transport Union, and also kind-of the remnants of EMC (Earth-Mars Coalition) fleet.

I have but one beef with this book, and that is that it follows a, by now, predictable formula. Although it certainly threw some of my expectations out into the void by the end. Despite being predictable, Persepolis Rising manages to be gripping, action packed and filled to the brim with tension. All the characters are old acquaintances by now, and reading their about experiences feels right, and real.

Very enjoyable!

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