Talk about a change of pace! No more petty politics, it’s time for cold, hard thrilling action. Nemesis Games is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish!


The story starts out at Tycho Station, where the crew is holed up, waiting for the Rocinante to get some much necessary repairs. Lo and behold, plot happens and everyone splits up and goes their own way, but let’s not dwell on convenient conveniences, because after that, the story ratches up all the way to eleven, and it keeps up the pace until the very end.


I very much enjoyed the fact that we get POV’s for each of the crew members of the Roci, and that each of them gets plenty of screen time, and not just Holden. I particulary enjoyed reading about Amos and was slightly annoyed by Naomi’s naivety at the start, but she makes up for it in sheer awesomeness about 75% in. The bad guy was a bit cliché though and seems a bit moronic at times, but again, I’ll file that under ‘convenient plot device’.


As usual, the writing is fluid and solid and properly adapted to the different POV’s so they each have their own voice and style. It does speak of a talented author that can manage to convey the POV by the writing alone.


In conclusion, loved it. Let’s hope the series continues this high momentum.

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