A rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

Despite this being the middle book of the trilogy, it does not dissapoint. From start to finish we have so much going on, there’s no meandering here! Writing this review and trying to remember all that has happened is actually quite hard. There’s a definite upping of the ante with our good friends the Architects making a re-appearance, but weirdly they’re not really the main threat here. While they are off, happily mutilating planets, the other big players in the galaxy are all playing a high stakes game of football, with Idris as the hand-egg.

There’s multiple intrigues going on and our rag-tag crew is of course smack in the middle of all of them, whether they want to or not. The mystery gets more mysterious but near the end we finally start to lift the veil just an inkling, but that’s enought to make me want more. Bring on the last piece of the puzzle mr. Tchaikovsky!

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