What an absolute blast this was! I was hooked from the very first page and it didn’t let up.


The world has gone to shit, as it so often does, however, for once, it’s not humanity’s fault. It seems that some weird phenomenom has migrated to our solar system and it’s wrecking havoc on our beloved planet. Solid world-building all around, told with great details and empathy.


There aren’t all that many in this book, reminiscent of The Martian. There’s our main protagonist, a science bloke once again and there’s some people back on earth.

Most of the attention goes to our protagonist however, through whose eyes we get to experience everything, and I really liked him. There was something in his personality that resonated with me, a curiosity to discover, that really drew me in.

Let's not forget our adorable multi-talented eight-legged friend, who made this story all the more memorable. The bond they created felt so real that I actually choked up when they said their goodbyes.


The story isn’t very complicated, it’s quite straightforward with the occasional bump in the road to keep it going, but it’s the characters that drive the emotional attachment.


Very scientific, just like The Martian, which was greatly appreciated, and always coated with a dry sarcasm that I can very much appreciate.


A simple story, really, but told so very well and narrated excellently by Ray Porter.

If you like the science part in science fiction, you’ll love this.

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