What to say about Master of Formalities ? Well, I didn’t really like it.

It wasn’t horrible, but the whole story didn’t seem go to anywhere, and, having finished, I don’t feel that it went anywhere in the end either. There was no build-up, no big confrontation, no major issues to be resolved, just like the sound a balloon makes as it deflates across the room. It kept meandering with no real purpose and everything that was happening had me frustratingly yelling at my car (where I listen to the audiobook most of the time) about different, easier solutions to deal with their ‘problems’.

There was no attachment to any of the characters and I kep wishing someone would end up dead, just to spice things up a bit. Sadly, this is not that kind of book, bruv’.

On the bright side, there were some funny moments, some nice turns of phrase, but not enough to carry the story.

2 stars, because it was just ‘ok’.

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