I can really appreciate the fact that the parts of this trilogy are being released so close to each other. Not even a year went by between the release of We Are Legion (We Are Bob) and All these Worlds. As a reader, I applaud this. I know it’s not something every author can pull of, but respect to Dennis Taylor for this.

Also, the audiobook rendition is truly worth its money. Ray Porter really gives each Bob their own character and eventually I was able to recognize which specific POV I was listening too, based on the voice he used. Really good stuff.


The world / universe building takes a bit of a back-seat in this one. The “known” universe doesn’t really expand anymore, in stead we focus more on the planets that have been previously discovered / terraformed and how they develop. There’s still some very interesting stuff there, regarding the evolution of fauna and the Deltans, but it doesn’t take up so much page-time anymore. The focus is definitely on the development of the plot.


What’s there to say? There’s still a bunch of Bobs, they keep diversifying in interesting ways and there’s even a little romance in there. All of it felt real and I felt completely immersed in their worlds VR’s.


Dennis Taylors writing is still very fun to read. It’s fluid, witty and full of pop / geek / nerd – culture references, which my inner geek LOVES. There’s a dry kind of humor that perpetuates through all 3 of the books and that resonates with me on a personal level.


The story switches POV’s constantly, but doesn’t feel all that complicated. The transitions are seamless, even when jumping through time. All story threads get wrapped up nicely and we get a big finish at the end, befitting the epicness of the universe. Great story, with all the ingredients required to propel this series into the science fiction hall of fame.


Throughtout this series, I’ve constantly been able to effortlessly put myself in the shoes of whichever Bob was doing the talking. The thought process and the decision making feel so close to me, that it feels like this story was written, just for me. I’ve loved every minute of this epic saga and I’m sure I’ll be re-reading this again. In the meantime, I can say that this was an absolutely bloody brilliant ending, to an epic saga and I’m going to recommend the shit out of it, to everyone that dares admit they like science fiction.

A million stars.

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