This is a collection of standalone comics by Sarah Andersen with a few common themes.

It’s a very lighthearted approach to the ‘struggle to be an adult’ that most people go through. For me, this ‘struggle’ is both long past and still ongoing. I found that I could relate to quite a few comics, but certainly not to all of them (probably because quite a lot of them deal with women’s menstrual cycle - something you think a 20+ woman would have come to grips with by now and has no particular bearing on ‘struggling with adulthood’ - the main theme of the book).

I did laugh at a few comics, but overall it was quite a mellow experience. Luckly you can read the entire thing in about 20 minutes.

In conclusion, I liked it, I laughed a bit and I could relate a bit. 3.5 stars.

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