I read this book both through ebook as well as via audiobook. Which, in this case, is a real enhancement of the experience. The audiobook is wonderfully done and fits in really well with the odd perspective. The Vagrant uses a strictly third-person observator perspective, save for those odd times when demons communicate through their mind.

It’s a weird experience to read a story like this, even more so given that the 4 main characters consist of one mute, one baby and one goat. Luckily the 4th character is able to speak, since all of the character building is based on observation of action and speech. It was weird, but worked very well despite its weirdness. The characters really grow on you quite fast.

The world building is superb and stems from a deep and dark imagination. I would gladly give it 5 stars, but I wasn’t quite convinced by the ending. I don’t really know what I was expecting it to lead to, but it was a (albeit very small) dissapointment. For that, I feel like 4.5 stars is a match.

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