I didn’t really know what to write for this review, mostly because I don’t really know how I feel about the book.

So I started reading some other reviews and found this one pretty much summing it up for me.

I’ll highlight some of his points that really stand out to me as well:






and I also profoundly hate the ‘love’-interest that she’s supposed to be.

you could pick up book 3 when it comes out and not be lost at all, because this book was about nothing. The characters did not learn, grow or progress at all, and it ends as it begins, with Kvothe in school, dealing with the same problems he was dealing with in the beginning. He hasn’t taken anything away from his misadventures. He hasn’t learned any lessons. He’s the same character he was at the beginning.

I cannot possibly imagine how Rothfuss is going to get Kvothe from where he is at the end of Book 2 to where he is in the frame story — not to mention resolve the frame story itself — in one book, at the plot pace he’s been moving at. Simply not possible. I’d read the 3rd book just to see how he pulls it off, actually … if he does. — From the comments

This is so true.

In short, this book is about nothing, Patrick Rothfuss knows how to write, but not how to tell a story and his writing style isn’t enought to carry you through a 1000 pages.

After finishing, this book just doesn’t leave me with any feeling other than indifference.

My advice? Just skip it and read the last part (or maybe read some reviews to get a feel for the content)

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