It’s an (auto)-biography, not my usual hunting grounds, but not my first either. I’m unsure of what criteria I should use to determine how much I liked it, so I’m just going to pull some out of a hat.


I think this is a major factor in every biography, unless the author went out of their way to make it completely over the top so you wouldn’t believe a word of it. Anna Kendrick put in plenty of details to verify the stories she tells and sounds incredibly open all the time, so I’d say she got this part covered.

Life lessons

Anna manages to put plenty of ‘free advice’ in her stories without sounding preachy. Actually, she manages it without even sounding like she’s giving advice at all, and yet I can’t help but walk away from this with the feeling that I’m just a little more ‘experienced’ as a person.

Fun factor

This, at least for me, might be the most important factor to judge this book. Since (almost) none of my usual criteria apply, I just have to rate this based on how much fun I had. Luckily for the book, I really did enjoy myself. Kendrick is funny in easy-going way and sounds very relatable. Her self-deprecating humor and sharp tongue make for some really funny moments.


I had a great time, I laughed, I learned and I got some insights in the movie and theater business, so I would call this book a win.

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