Although there are some sci-fi elements to the plot, I would classify it foremost as a thriller, which is a rather unknown genre for me, but that said, it was great fun!


Not a lot of characters, and the entire story is told through the first person by the MC, but that didn’t bother me at all. If anything, it adds to the drama, because it keeps you guessing as to the moves of the other characters. Especially near the ending, the first person POV is actually a bonus to the plot. Overall we see our MC and the secondary characters go through nice arcs. There were some moments where I was screaming at my phone (audiobook) about what a dumbass or an arsehole our MC was being, but it cut just shy of breaking the immersion, so I’ll let it pass.


Smooth & solid. No complaints. If you ask me, this was written with a screenplay in mind, and what a kickass movie that would make!

Plot / Story

Let’s start off by saying that I really liked the premise of the story, however I was getting quite annoyed that it took over 1/3rd of the book for the MC to actually figure out what was going on, while it’s quite clear from the get-go to the reader. Other than that, the author did manage to put in some twists and a big one near the 80% mark. Overall, quite predictably but very enjoyable nevertheless.


I couldn’t put this down, but it falls just short of 5 stars for me, mostly due to the predictability for most of the story.

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