I liked Hard Time. I really did, I enjoyed spending time with this story.

It’s a bit heavier than the first one in the series, story wise, but knowing the St. Mary’s series, this makes sense. They too build up from a lighthearted theme but continuously add in heavier elements, keeping the reader hooked.

But even with a heavier story-line, Jodi Taylor always manages to keep the writing light and fun, both by using the characters themselves as well as the language which always manages to make me chuckle.

It’s a wonder to me that no major film studio has yet picked up on Jodi Taylor. All of the books I’ve read so far seem like they could easily be converted to a movie or series format. I mean, I would pay money to get a St. Mary’s tv series produced. There’s no heavy concepts involved but a constant stream of entertainment and drama, with plenty of humor to top it off. Come on Netflix, get on this!

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