In this follow-up to All Systems Red we continue our journey with the nameless rogue Murderbot as it returns to where it all began, in search of answers to its (literal) character-defining moment.

I really love this timid, awkward AI, with its own set of issues and its dry humor.

I had intended to just stand there and stare at her, which is what SecUnits do to clients who have just performed an act of stupidity so profound it approaches suicide which they ordered us not to stop them from doing. But she looked like she knew she had been stupid

It has a very interesting outlook on life, very consistent with an introspective personality despite having quite strong opinions on everything and everyone.

Part of my job as a SecUnit was to give clients advice when they asked for it, as I was theoretically the one with all the information on security. Not that a lot of them had asked for it, or had listened to me. Not that I’m bitter about that, or anything.

Apart from the wicked cool protagonist, we are treated to an out-of-proportion ship AI dubbed ART (aka Asshole Research Transport) which makes ‘friends’ with our beloved murderbot and is its partner in crime on this particular adventure.

Are all constructs so illogical? said the Asshole Research Transport with the immense processing capability whose metaphorical hand I had had to hold because it had become emotionally compromised by a fictional media serial.

Plus ART, who was already cozying up to said bot pilot and would be keeping an eye on the shuttle during the brief trip. (ART’s idea of “cozying” being somewhat overbearing, I had already had to intervene once to assure the bot pilot that the big mean transport had promised not to hurt it.)

Both are equally lovable though.

The story follows our murderbot as it travels to the scene of the “incident” in order to find out what exactly happened, meanwhile there’s his cover story that plays out in interesting ways and challenges certain views and habits he has developed over the course of his lifetime. There’s less action going around as opposed to All Systems Red, but it in no way felt any less for it.

I really loved this second installment and can’t wait to get me some more murderbot!

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