Feet of Clay continues the tale of the brave men (!) of the Night Watch. There’s all the familiar figures, Cmdr Vimes, Captain Carrot, Corporal Detritus, Constable Angua and the latest addition, Cheery Littlebottom, who is in fact, a dwarf.

Like in Men at Arms, the story evolves around a series of murders, and the hunt for the killer. It’s a mystery wrapped in satire, filled to the brim with (subtle) subtext concerning racism, and male/female discrimination in the workplace, all set to the gloriously fucked up background that is Ankh Morpork.

The true star here is Cheery Littlebottom, who appears to be of the female persuasion, but isn’t too sure how she should express herself. Luckily she can rely on Angua to figure things out. Cheery’s story runs alongside the main plot in which we search for an answer to the age-old question: If a Golem is a thing, it cannot commit murder, because a thing on itself cannot do anything. If, however, we consider it murder, we have no choice but to accept the golem as a person. (which, incidentally, is really not what the people of Ankh Morpork want).

Feet of Clay is, again, a gorgeously sarcastic rant full of wit and ridiculous metaphors, with hillarious dialogue and deep parallels to the real world. Very entertaining from start to finish!

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