Part V: Wintertide

Wintertide was a rollercoaster ride. So much going on in so little time. Our main protagonists try to mount a rescue but their attempts all fail miserably and they get from one bad situation into a worse one. I really liked the fact that it’s not all fun and games and that there’s a sense of realism to this.

The turnaround was quite unexpected and I found myself cheering when it occurred. The end of this part was so sad though :(. But it rocks.

Part VI: Percepliquis

The Riyria Revelations (as a whole) Looking back on the different status updates I’ve posted, I think I can summarize my experience by cherrypicking a few of them…

I’ve lost track of the amount of “fuck yeah”’s I’ve uttered in these books

I love how Sullivan combines gritty realism with lighthearted humor. It lends a special atmosphere to everything.

Holy Carp (sic) !!

Aaaaaand, they’re in jail, again. They should really audition for Prison Break…

That was entertaining. I like these guys.

Muhahaha, “Next!”, I loved that

The ending was simply phenomenal and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

This definitely deserves 5 stars. Must read for all fantasy fans.

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