Spell or High Water is the second installment in the Magic 2.0 series by Scott Meyer and starts 2 months after Off to be the Wizard ends.

Spell or High Water picks up a few months after Off to Be the Wizard ends. I find it hard to critique this. It wasn’t particulary suspenseful, and the humor is still quite cheap, but there is good entertainment value in this series, the science makes sense, for the most part and the charaters are likeable (or not, when they aren’t supposed to be).

I did really like the representation of Atlantis and the way everything is organized. The men vs women situation turned on his head was entertaining as well, with the way men defined “mens work” by it being the work that a man has to do in Atlantis (cooking, cleaning, gardening, chores and the likes, basically work that is unfit for a woman).


This is another fun, light-hearted read that will fit quite good for anyone with a geek-bone.

3.5 stars, rounded up, because it left me in a good mood.


Title: Spell or High Water
Author: Scott Meyer
Series: Magic 2.0 (2)
Published: 2014

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